7 Best Android Games of the Week!

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The weekend has arrived, and as usual, asikqq will provide recommendations for new and best Android games for you to enjoy

The weekend has arrived, and as usual, asikqq will provide recommendations for new and best Android games for you to enjoy. How not, every week there are quite a lot of games, especially mobile games that are developed. Well, check out the following article to get a variety of fun Android games for you to play!

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1. My Time at Portia


This farming simulation game has indeed become one of the most popular games, especially for fans of games like Harvest Moon. This game, which was originally released on PC and consoles, finally got its ported on Mobile for Android and iOS.


Players are given the opportunity to become farmers, grow crops, take care of gardens and animals, to marry girls in the countryside. This simulation game is perfect for those of you who don't like competitive games that are currently very popular.

2. Huntsdown


If you are interested in retro games belonging to Contra, maybe Huntsdown can be your choice. This game that has dotted graphics, is not only fun to play but also light to enjoy on cell phones. Players can choose 3 bounty hunter characters in the game, use them to destroy the gangs that live in the city at night, and catch criminals to get extra money.

3. Cube Heroes


Tired of minecraft? and want to find a new game? Well, Cube Heroes can be your choice. Even though it has minecraft graphics, this game is a turn base mmo game where players can play with your friends directly. Not only that, players can also choose various jobs to fight with monsters, and when bored they can grow crops, improve skills, equipment and many more explorations that you can do in the game.

4. Robbery Madness 2: Stealth Master Thief Simulator


Want to try being a thief but don't want to be in jail? Maybe Robbery Madness can be your game of choice this week. The game is a thief simulation game, where players must try, use various things that have been provided and rack their brains to steal valuable items that can be sold. You have 3 chances, can you survive the police chase?

5. Kingsense


Kingsense is a futuristic Tactical RPG game with sophisticated game mechanics and interesting characters. This game with cool anime graphics has started its Global Open Beta period yesterday.

This game is set in the Post-Apocalypse period   caused by an asteroid. Players can control a team of several Sensates, humans who have gained superpowers from the fallen asteroid. There are more than 40 Sensates present in this game with unique personalities and skills.

6. Devil May Cry Mobile: Peak of Combat


Devil May Cry itself is a hack slash game as well as action and adventure which was pioneered and released by Capcom in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 version. Players will focus on action to defeat many enemies or bosses with the results of a variety of combos and attacks that are quite complicated. .

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat will release on June 11, 2021. Interested players can use the taptap application to download the game.

7. 3D Maze: POKO's Adventures


This puzzle game has charming graphics and a cute character with the name Poko. Players can play the game and sharpen your brain in this puzzle game that is quite confusing. There are about 25 maps with a variety of cool and unique themes for you to explore. Can you save Poko who is trapped in this endless maze?

That's a variety of the best poker88 android games this week. Starting from simple games such as farming simulations, to thief simulations, Gamebrott will continue to recommend quality games that are fun to play every week.