My HP Printer Ink Not Printing in Black What Should I Do?

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If you use the printer too often, it can lead to printers overheating and you face the problem of How To Fix HP Printer Black Or Color Ink Not Printing Error. In that case, the printer may suddenly crash or stop printing. On the contrary, if your printer has been idle for too long and has

As a printer manufacturer, HP manufactures highly durable and fast printers. However, like any other piece of equipment, there can be issues no matter how much a printer is reliable. Whenever a printer stops printing, the user wonders How To Fix HP Printer Black Or Color Ink Not Printing Error. Sometimes the problem can be identified by the user and is easily fixed by following the troubleshooting steps. Some printing problems are caused by low ink levels. Printing problems may occur with any operating system, including Windows. We will discuss all printing problems and their solutions with all printing models, including wireless HP printers.

Reasons Why HP Printer Not Printing in Color

If your HP Printer Ink Not Printing in color, keep in mind that there are three possible reasons for this. Before you go through How To Fix HP Printer Black Or Color Ink Not Printing Error, First Make sure to address each of these reasons before moving forward with printer troubleshooting.

  • Color Printing feature Disabled:- The color feature in your HP printer must first be enabled through the printer properties so that you can print in color. If the color feature in your HP printer is disabled, you will be unable to print in color. This will solve your problem right away.
  • Driver Malfunctioned:-  It is possible that your HP printer won't print in color if you are using more than one printer on the same computer at the same time. To fix this, uninstall the other printer drivers on the computer..
  • Clogged Printhead:-  In HP printers, color printing will not work if the printhead hasn't been cleaned. This can be accomplished manually with tissue paper or by using the HP utility on the printer. That will solve the issue.

Effective Solutions to Fix HP Printer not Printing Problem

In order to resolve the HP Printer Ink Not Printing problem, make sure you are using genuine HP ink cartridges. When the printer works, but print output lacks ink or is blank or low in ink, it is critical to use genuine HP ink cartridges. You can also remove the black cartridge so that only the tri-color cartridge prints, replace any empty or malfunctioning cartridges, or clean the printhead. Let's move on to the best solutions for when your HP printer does not print the right colors.

Check Remaining Ink 

You should make sure that your printer does not run out of ink or toner before doing anything complicated. Check the remaining cartridge levels on your printer. If they are full but you still cannot print properly, check the expiration date on the cartridge. Expired ink cartridges often dry up which causes problems in the print results.


Check the Printer Status

  • Check the printer's tray for enough paper, there should be enough in there.
  • Make sure that there are no paper jams or stuck in the paper feed if there is enough paper.
  • The paper must be removed without damaging the paper feeder or the internal motor if there is a jam.
  • Make sure the ink or toner is still in the cartridge. It needs to be filled or changed immediately if the ink runs out.

If your HP printer does not print correctly after reviewing the above information, then move to the next solution.


Cancel all the Print Jobs in the Print Queue

  • Go to Control Panel and then “Devices and Printers”.
  • Find your printer from the list of devices and right-click on it.
  • Now, click on “See what’s printing” from the list of options.
  • Next, click on the "Printer" button in the top right corner and choose "Open as Administrator" from the drop-down list.
  • Open the ‘Printer’ menu again and select “Cancel All Documents”.
  • Click “Yes” on confirmation dialog box.

Check whether the printer is printing correctly by running a print test. If you do not get the expected result, move on to the next step.


Set HP Printer as Your Default Printer

When you ask your computer to print something, it will attempt to use the default printer, unless you change it. When your HP printer isn't printing, set it to default.

  • Go to “Control Panel’ and then click “Device and Printers”.
  • Right click on HP printer in printer section and select “Set as default printer”.
  • Now there is a green right tick mark on the default printer.

Once the HP printer is set to its default settings, try printing anything to check whether the problem has been resolved.


The above methods should help you resolve your HP printer not printing problem easily. Not being able to print from your HP printer is not ideal, especially if you have tight deadlines and need to print a lot of documents. However, you can quickly solve these issues using the solutions we mentioned here.