Physical Therapy Denver Colorado

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The goals of physical therapy are to relieve pain, restore function, increase mobility and improve your quality of life.

At Physical Therapy Specialists we listen to YOU and your body’s symptoms of pain and discomfort. We offer two kinds of introductory sessions. Schedule a free 15-minute Phone Consultation to chat with a PT or come in for a Free Discovery Visit and meet with one of our expert therapists to see how we work and how we can help you.

We treat numerous conditions including musculoskeletal dysfunction, injury and chronic pain.

✅ Pelvic pain

✅ Core instability / back pain

✅ Pediatric incontinence

✅ Adult incontinence

✅ Jaw pain / headaches

✅ Pregnancy / postpartum

FREE eBooks for what concerns you

We are happy to offer our expertise at home before your first visit! Click on any of the buttons below to download a free eBook. You’ll get information and tips to help speed your recovery, along with some home exercises to try.

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