Why Do you this war would be finished in April?

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Why Do you this war would be finished in April?

Andrii Dligach:
Battlefield Ukraine tactically walls over Russia this week, because Russia doesn't have any chance, to occupy hotkey for care like Mykolaiv, and other big Ukrainian cities. So I think that our biggest to weigh-in will be not on the battlefield, but maybe diplomacy sphere and maybe in the changes inside of Russia means the Putin position, Deputy positions as an approach, but I think why I'm saying about April, just because I like April, but not just because I'm futurologist because futurologist thinks in terms of years and decades, not in terms of off forecasts for 4 nearest weeks, but in accordance was scenarios which we made in our analytical center. Now we'll have very slow time means war will be very low in its speed. We will see small, small attacks from side, we will for sure see a lot of bombings in our here.

I heard more than 10 Explosions during our interview. So Russia will continue bombing Ukrainian cities like Aleppo. They do not have other chances to destroy Ukraine as a country or infrastructure, but they will not be successful in this sphere. They do have not enough resources to rebuild their army, but enough rubbles very empty currency, but in fact, they're their local currency. They can print as much as many rolls as they want in Bitcoin because their economy is now very close. They have up to six months for economic collapse. This means that we need to continue our diplomatic work and the work of our army. This can make the regional alights elites, business elites, and maybe some security service elites our supporters of digitalization.

Full interview https://borderlands.com.ua/podcast/ecomonic-future-ukraine-dligach