Airport transfers are a useful concept, especially for tourists or new people with little knowledge of the area. It helps save their time in reaching out to other ways of transportation. The airport transfers taxis for the passengers or guests to facilitate their visit. However, the safety concern for the tourists in a new place is a standard issue.

When you travel longer distances by road, online cab booking is the best facility. It helps in avoiding the issues of waiting long hours to get a cab. Moreover, it is fast and convenient transportation, especially if you travel with luggage. However, the news of mishappenings is also not new in this case. It is a beneficial and convenient way of transportation, but it also has its low points like any other thing. That’s why it becomes crucial to take care while traveling for your safety. Several aspects can cause danger to the passengers. Here, we are sharing a few points which will discuss the factors to be safe while interacting with taxi services. 

Check the service provider

First things first! Check the service provider before booking your cab. Try to do proper research about the taxi services you are choosing. See if there has been any issue in safety protocols before or not. You can try to discuss it with their previous clients. Also, check the reputation of the taxi provider company in the market. This will tell you a lot about their working methods and the seriousness of the safety protocols. You can also try to find the service providers in your inner circles. You can ask your family and friends which service provider they use for online cab booking. If you connect with a taxi service known and used by your friends or family, you can rely on them better. This will help you get a credible service about which you will get honest reviews from your knowns.

Check the driver and his license

The next most important thing is to check the license and profile of the driver. The driver will be in charge of the driving and navigation most of the time during the ride. So if he doesn’t have much knowledge about the paths, then there are chances you might get into the wrong navigation. Moreover, the driver should not be a novice in terms of driving. So make sure to check his profile and license. Some taxi services also show how many rides the cab driver has taken to show his experience. Also, check the condition of the cab. Imagine you go in a wrong condition cab, and its engine stops working in the middle of the road. So it will be very unsafe.

Share your location

Whenever you are traveling, always share your location. Whether you are going short or long distances, don’t forget to send your live location to your loved ones during the travel. It helps in tracking your position in case of any mishappening. Moreover, your family and friends will be able to come for help quickly if they will know your location. During your journey, if you get late due to any issue, your friends and family will already know by checking your location.

Keep your mask and sanitizer handy

COVID-19 has subdued recently; however, it doesn’t mean the danger has gone completely. One thing that this pandemic has taught us is to be careful. That’s why you all should be careful with sanitization while traveling. The online cab booking services mainly offer sanitizer in the cabs. However, you should also carry your own while traveling. This will also help you in other crowded or unhygienic places as well. Keeping a water bottle and wipes is also a good option while traveling long distances from taxi services. It will help you in keeping yourself clean and prepared all the time.

Count your luggage

If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, you might sometimes leave some of it in the cab by mistake. Sometimes you get the chance to find it, and sometimes not. That’s why it is crucial to count your luggage every time you sit in the car and when the cab finally drops you off at the location. Make sure you have brought and collected an equal number of bags. If you miss your bags, immediately call the driver and inform the taxi service provider. They will help you locate your luggage, and it will mostly come back to you.

Check the prices

Never book a cab in haste without checking the prices. You can find several other taxi services which might offer you lower prices. But remember, cheaper may not always mean better. The cheaper taxi services might not offer you the services that you may need. Moreover, sometimes when you don’t discuss the price before departure, the cab driver might try to charge extra. That’s why always decide the price first and then negotiate it.

Hide valuables

Whenever you are traveling in a cab, permanently hide your valuables. If you are wearing jewelry, then it is advisable to keep it in your bag for the journey. Moreover, if you have a lot of cash, try to be private about it. Don’t take out the complete stash while paying for anything. Instead, keep it in your bag while paying someone during the journey.

Be careful with unusual things

This is the most common yet most crucial tip. Be observant of your surroundings. See if there is unusual happening around you or not. If you observe something is off, then contact your nearest person immediately. Also, contact the online cab booking service and alert them while informing the police.

Keep an eye on the map

When you are traveling long distances, you might not know the paths. So you will never know if the driver will take you on the wrong path. That’s why always keep an eye on the map to ensure you are on the correct route.


Safety protocols while traveling are required to ensure your safety. You must be careful about several aspects when choosing an online booking service. To have a safe journey, always share your live location with your loved ones and always check navigation on the maps to be assured that you are going in the right direction. Always keep an eye on the things around you and if something unusual happens, then listen to your gut feelings. 

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