Sting Bureau: all six volumes

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But before the two sides could really start fighting, the bronze ape suddenly caught the black dog and tore it in half, which made both sides realize that they had been cheated.

But before the two sides could really start fighting, the bronze ape suddenly caught the black dog and tore it in half, which made both sides realize that they had been cheated. After the giant ape in bronze armor snatched the leather roll, it was taken away by a strange black dog. That is to say, the giant ape in bronze armor is afraid of the black strange dog, which is the nemesis of the giant ape. But now the giant ape has torn the black dog in half so fiercely that it only shows that this black dog is not that black dog. If the dog is not the dog, the man will not be the man. It must be a false target caught by the tiger Zen son, a false target deliberately thrown to make them go in the wrong direction. In fact, in Shangdeyuan, Feng Zhitong had seen a black monster that frightened the giant ape in bronze armor, but it was at night, and the black monster ran past like lightning, and did not see clearly what it was. Now that I think about it, it should be the real black dog. On that occasion, the black dog threatened the giant ape in bronze armor in order to show the strength of several people trapped by the tripartite secret organization. Later, the leader of Dongxian Villa exchanged information for the help of the secret forces of the Three Kingdoms, which shows that they did get some important information in Shangdeyuan. And when everyone searched and tracked, they found the excavation camp set up by Tang De in Tianma Mountain, and rushed into it to rob the people of Shangde Plateau, forcing the skin scroll to appear. It was the strange black dog that finally grabbed the leather roll, which showed once again that those people had already mastered everything and finally got the benefit of the fisherman. All of these correspond to each other, so the target should still be the few unknown people that Shangdeyuan met. But where should these people go to dig out? If you really want to dig so well, then in Shangdeyuan, Dongxian Villa, Tianma Mountain, these places should have been deducted long ago. Tiger Zen son did not have so much information, so he did not think too much, he directly from the capture of the false target body, with heavy tricks to force him to tell the truth. Soon he found that this is just a person to be used, he is to receive money from others, and then as required to send the black dog to Nanchang House, he did not expect to be caught on the way. But he still found some clues from this exploited population, that is, the person who paid him to send the dog was afraid that he would be perfunctory and would not really send the dog to Nanchang, so he casually threatened him that if he did not do things well by playing tricks, there would be no place for him in the whole Southern Tang Dynasty. Such a threat does not come from the mouth of a ferocious person in Jianghu, stainless steel 304 pipes ,aluminium coated steel tube, but from the mouth of a very powerful person in the Southern Tang Dynasty. Otherwise, the words would not be so generous and literary without ferocity. So Tiger Chan decided to take the false target back to the place where he first received the job, and from there to collect further clues for further pursuit. And this place is not far from Guangxin City. Chapter VI Qinhuai Elegant Building All dispersed Feng Zhitong was really at a loss and had no direction. Only then did he think of Liang Tieqiao. Will Liang Tieqiao really be lured by the route he said to intercept the tiger Zen son, so he chose other routes that only need to catch up with him to intercept the people who gathered together? Or did he see something strange at that time and had already tracked down the real target? But in the end, the question is actually focused on where Liang Tieqiao went after he left? So he decided to go back to the starting point, to the place where he confronted Liang Tieqiao, where he might find some clues. And this place is not too far from Guangxin City. Hu Chan Zi and Feng Zhitong did not find the clues they imagined, but they all heard about the assassination of Guangxin Defense Envoy, and as more and more information about the assassination attack was learned, the most sensitive words of the leather scroll appeared in their ears. So the two groups of people rushed to Guangxin at the same time. They made careful inquiries inside and outside the city of Guangxin, but they never found any trace of the target. It is no wonder that after the assassination of the defender, the assassin would surely flee in a hurry with the recaptured leather scroll. So they felt that the better thing to do was to find the direction of the assassin's escape. At this time, they also found out that Liang Tieqiao and his men were chasing the assassin from the north gate, and they had been chasing him for seven or eight days. This made them feel that they were too late, so they were in a hurry to catch up with them. Just as they were about to go on their way, both Hu Chan Zi and Feng Zhi Tong received a letter without a reason, which stated that the target with the leather scroll would appear at the City God Temple in Guangxin early this morning. Although they had doubts about the letter, fearing that it would be put in the pocket there, they could not resist the temptation of the treasure scroll after hesitating. By this time, it was already bright, so they ignored the rules of hiding and invisibility, ran directly in the street with people, and quickly came to the City God Temple. Before they reached the City God Temple, they had already discovered the traces of the poor Tang Dynasty. Feng Zhitong and his men not only found the poor Tang, but also found the owner of the black strange dog they had tried to catch with the horse team. So they did not miss the present opportunity, mixed in the crowd to approach the target. And in order to get ahead of each other, their speed is also increasing in the dark, so that they neglect to observe the surrounding situation. Although several officers and soldiers of the Southern Tang Dynasty were seen in the corner of their eyes, these Jianghu masters did not take these sporadic officers and soldiers seriously at all. But when there was a sudden uproar in front of the temple, and then a soldier was killed, they felt something was wrong. However, these two groups of people are not flustered, whether they are exposed or trapped by others, they are already clear targets in the eyes of others, so it is useless to panic, run and hide at this time, which can only lead to their slow reaction and decline in combat effectiveness. All the people in the street fled in all directions, leaving only the gathering place of righteousness and the masters who did not ask about the source hall in the street, as well as the fake officers and soldiers of the Southern Tang Dynasty and the real Eagle Wolves of the Zhou Dynasty who had already set up their positions. Only at this moment did Hu Chan Zi and Feng Zhitong understand the truth that "there must be something unpredictable for the benefit of others". Kill! Tiger Chan's fierce gangster nature remained unchanged,side impact door beams, and when he saw clearly that he was already trapped, he decided to go out without even thinking about it. With this order, a group of people gathered to kill the officers and soldiers at once.